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Floating solar energy must be competitive vs onshore or fossil solutions!

4 cents per kWh will soon be the grid parity for any form of electricity production... wiping out most of the polluting sources, just because they are more expensive.

But cost effective is not the only issue. Solar must be flexible, close to the grid, provide great services, and easy to maintain.

That is what 4CSOLAR, Inc. provides:

  • Great efficiency, with optimal cooling of the panels, directly above the water.

  • We use standard HDPE pipes and fittings, available worldwide. 100% local manpower.

  • Panel inclination fully customizable. One-axis tracker.

  • Integrated solutions for sedimentation in dams and water aeration in lakes.

  • No environmental impact, even for very large arrays!... and water evaporation in reservoirs is highly reduced in addition.

  • Solutions for lakes, reservoirs, dams, canals, and even for floating offshore: nearshore and open sea!

  • Wave impact highly reduced. Strong resistance to wind and extreme climate events. No treatment against algae is necessary.

To contact us, please fill this form, or just email us at:

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